Would You Rather For Kids

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This is the best would you rather book for games to play with your kids in the car on long trips.

Inside, you’ll find 224 ready-to-use ‘Would You Rather questions, including…

♥Would you rather Have the Stripes of a Tiger or the Quills of a Porcupine

♥Would you rather Drink everything through your Ears or Eat everything through your Belly Button

♥Would you rather Have a Mermaid Tail or Wings

♥Would you rather Be your Mom or your Dad for a Day

And many more hilarious questions…

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Author: Philip Russell

224 Silly Scenarios, Hilarious Questions And Challenging Game, Kids Would Cherish For 6-12 Years Old. And For Long Distance cars Drive

Would you rather book for kids are the ideal kind of entertainment for keeping your children engaged while they contemplate crazy and interesting questions themselves!

It has, Silly Scenarios and Challenging Choices the Whole Family Will Love, its’s the big book of would you rather questions for kids and would you rather for young kids


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